Cardano Stake Pool

30% of pool owners rewards donated to coding charities


CODER is a Cardano stake pool set up by DanTup to help decentralise the Cardano blockchain. Delegating your ADA to a stake pool is risk-free and can generate you additional ADA rewards. CODER donates 30% of its own rewards to registered charities that help people get into coding, such as Code Club, part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. To learn more about delegating, visit the Cardano site.

To delegate to CODER, paste the pool ID below into your wallets delegation box, or search using the ticker CODER (and check the pool ID matches).

Pool ID: b8d2cf0a94b576a06917cef94d0e22b3bcd5d1cda1ba4a11deecfc1f

Fees: 340₳* / 0%

* The 340₳ fee is the minimum the blockchain currently allows and is taken from pool rewards before paying delegation rewards - this is not something paid directly by delegators and fees can never be larger than your rewards.

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When donations have been made, they will be listed here.


How will charities be chosen?

Charities will be selected by me, though you can tweet suggestions to @CoderStakePool. To keep things simple, only registered charities will be chosen.

How often will you donate?

While the pool is small and may generate rewards infrequently, the donations will likely be made quarterly. If rewards become more frequent, they may be made monthly.

How can we trust you will donate?

Until some donations have been paid it's hard for me to prove this will happen, although my identity is clearly published here and I'm fairly active on Twitter (@DanTup) and GitHub (@DanTup) (where I've contributed to some reasonable projects), so it would probably not be good for my reputation to not deliver.